Halloween 1998

Magellan and Rachel hang out on the Internet with
me. They get tired of being "little dogs" compared to
their cyber-buddies so they decided that they wanted to go to
the Halloween party this year as Giant Dogs!!!

Included in the picture with Magellan and Rachel are:

Apsobear's Yogi
Astro's Stinky
Beaglemama's Charlie *B* and Tucker
Bravehart's Pagan
bsp's Indy
Callie's Mom's Callie
Cheyennemama's Sandee and Cheyenne
Cindy V's Ike and Saki
Cj's mom's Cj
Codes' Baseline and Balsam
Country's Gripper
Dax O'Buff's Shayna
Divadawgs' Suzi
hockeydog's Czar
Jakester's Jake
Laska's Mama's Laska and Denali
Leilah's Mom's Leilah
LisaK's Tara
LisaM's Deva
Lisi's Kumba
North's Harlan and Cricket
Pandora's Chamonix
Poochini's Bear, Chipper, Saint Bernards and Lab
Puppy Luv's Rudy and Twister
Sammy's Dad's Sammy
SiberD's Jenna's Story
Whisper's Feather, Whisper, and Raven

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