Digital Pictures 2003

Dec 26
Zeus drops in for a visit

Dec 13
Beautiful sunset

Nov 28
Twix's snow adventure
Magellan goes exploring

Oct 16
New tire jump

Oct 8
Twix, Agility practice: midway thru Beginning Agility

Sept 27
Keesie Picnic

Sept 20
Twix at "Bark In The Park"

July 15
Twix has fun with his present from Lynn

July 11
Treat Time for the Birdies

July 9
Twix learns a trick: "Wave"

July 3
Twix gets patriotic

June 25
Summer playtime :)

May 26
New car!!

May 9
A-Wading go Twix and Magellan

April 29
"Tubby" Twix

April 8
Twix: Pretty Poses

March 31
Twix's special place

March 18
Pix taken the day before Twix's first birthday

March 14
Twix at play

March 11
Twix tries out the dog park

March 10
Twix: Day 3: Playing and sleeping

March 9
Twix: Day 2 - Making himself at home

March 8
Twix: His first day home

January 11
Arnie and Taneesha: Merlin's parents

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