Digital Pictures 2002

December 25
Magellan, enjoying family and shopping

December 18
Magellan's Christmas dream

November 22
Look who "followed" me home from the store!

October 25
Zephyr's incredible Merlin painting

October 5
Magellan shows off my new chairs
Also a pretty sunset

October 2
Big red Luke drops in for a "visit"

September 18
Camping at Big Sur

August 17
Magellan: "Bathing Beauty"

August 11
My feathered gems

July 30
Magellan, recovering from a bad day

July 27
Fun at Vasona Lake Park

July 19
Mis-dog-meanor azalea digging!

July 7
A couple of birdie pix

July 6
Magellan and I check out some quackers

July 5
My zoo allows me to try the new camera out on them

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